Lamination molds

Lamination molds

Lamination molds are one of the two basic parts of the machines. The engine has moving and stationary basic particles. It is the lamination mold that is fixed.

Spednas serves with the technological level and expertise captured in the production of lamination molds.

How are Lamination Molds Produced?

There are of course variations in the production of lamination molds, depending on the need and the ability of the producing company. However, there are five different methods known to everybody.

pecking dies, compunt dies, progressive dies, packaged dies, rotary packaged dies, these five different methods are made with advanced technology.

For Spednas company, lamination molds also provide technical personnel and machine technical service in each of the production.

Therefore, Spednas works with the principle of flawless and timely delivery with its staff and machine power who are skilled in lamination molds and never compromises on this.

When you choose us for lamination molding service, we will deliver the work delivery to you in the style you would say, just as you wish.

We do our job with assurance and stand behind our business.